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Women Entrepreneurs Statistics 

  • Women now own 36% of small businesses. 

  • Women are in charge of more than 46% of private businesses in Ghana.

  • Uganda and Vietnam have over 30% of women-owned companies. 

  • Women owned businesses statistics show that female ownership rate is under 10% in the countries of the Middle East, but these women are more likely to do international business. 

  • In the last 20 years, the number of businesses owned by women in the US has increased by 114%. 

  • The yearly growth of women in business has been 4.2% in the last 12 years. 

  • Women own four out of ten businesses in the US.  

  • Faster than women-owned businesses is the growing number of companies owned by women of color. An average rate of growth has been 163% in the last 45 years, women in business statistics estimate. 

  • In the past two years, women have started more than 1,500 new companies.  

  • Almost 90% of businesses owned by women generate no more than $100,000 yearly.

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